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If you are looking for a large organ with a full pedal, but you can not make friends with additional loudspeakers, then you should take a closer look at the WERSI OAX-800 – and above all listen to it! The OAX-800 combines a 25-button pedal with integrated speakers and is in the tradition of the popular scale from the OAS series. Not for nothing was the Scala the preferred instrument for both professional and ambitious amateur organists.


WERSI moves the bar of what is technically possible within a hardware instrument to previously unknown heights! Building on the success of the past 13 years with the OAS range, WERSI has created a new concept full of innovation and musical highlights! WERSI is a world leader in Sound Design and software development. Through the use of the latest technology and the results of years of research and development, the Sonic is the pinnacle of instrument design and playability!

Note: European model screen displays are in English.

oax800_3 oax800_2



  • Multi-Touch Display (High End – Think iPad! – flick through pages with a quick gesture of your hand!)
  • New Multi-Layer Dynamic Longwave Samples – (Recorded with the highest quality Neumann Studio Microphones!) 
  • Easy Play Mode & Expert Mode!
  • New Style Library exclusive to Sonic!
  • New Audio Styles! (Expanding on the Realdrum concept with higher quality audio, new expertly developed tempo variation control, and professional mastering by high-end studio engineers in Cologne, Germany!)
  • Quadcore Processor & latest PC Technology
  • Unlimited Polyphony!
  • Huge Internal RAM memory for speedy performance!
  • VST 3 Studio Instrument (from third party developers) fully integrated!
  • Help Function – (Demos for all functions of the Sonic – no more reading long and lengthy User manuals! Although one is included as standard)
  • Intelligent Sonic Memory (The Sonic remembers your favorite sounds and presents them to you at the top of any lists that you desire and makes Sound / Accompaniment selection easier than ever before!)



Technical Feature Highlights:

  • State-of-the-art organ arranger (The latest generation production workstation and easy organ – 2 in 1!)
  • 2 x 76 Note Upper Manual
  • 25 Note Pedal Board Standard
  • 11.6″ Full Color ‘Multi-Touch Screen in 16:9 cinema format with advanced ‘Gesture Control’.
  • Polyphony in theory unlimited, only limited by CPU performance.
  • 1500 Factory sounds, 1500 optional factory sounds (Expansions already inbuilt awaiting activation) and space for 1500 user sounds. Up to 64 Layers per sound via the new Sonic Sound Editor.
  • 16 Sounds for both keyboard manuals and pedal board, each with freely programmable Keyrange (overlapping splits etc), which is a great alternative to the inclusive ‘classic Split mode’ options available!
  • Advanced Accompaniment possibilities (for Styles and Audio Styles!) 32 Channels for backing style tracks (Auto-Accompaniment) arrangements as standard.
  • Playback of 2 Accompaniments (DJ like Blending blending between 2 successive arrangements possible)… idea for players who do not wish for a gap between songs… fade in and out between accompaniments!
  • 450 Factory styles (WERSI OpenArt-Arranger compatible and Yamaha PSR Style format compatible).
  • High-end audio system with Studio-quality playback. Professional Mastering Effects for external output!
  • Microphone preamplifier in studio quality for the recording of high-end vocals.
  • Microphone input with Phantom power (you can connect high-end studio condenser microphones for example!).
  • MIDI-over-USB function for direct connection to PC and Mac.
  • MIDI in/out/thru connections as standard.
  • Blu-Ray, DVD and CD combo burner.
  • Lightning-fast SSD with 128 GB capacity for extremely fast performance!
  • 8 GB RAM (of which 6 GB if used for your own user samples!) – optional up to a maximum of 32 GB RAM! (this is the standard that professional Hollywood Film Studio score composers use).
  • 2 Foot Switch and controller inputs for even more control! Feely programmable!
  • Real Drawbars! 9 for the Upper Manual and 7 for the  Lower Manual! Real Rotor Control and simulation!
  • Real percussion drawbars (9 drawbars to physically control the percussion effect).
  • VB3 – organ emulation of top-class now firmly integrated and controlled via the real drawbars.
  • OX7 2 – Drawbar System.
  • VST 3.0 (plugin) integration. Fully indexable and editable (up to 4 VST instruments and 4 VST
  • Effects at the same time – free signal routing within the Sonic OAS host controller)
  • New Multimedia Player. Plays all popular audio and video formats!
  • 100 Demo MP3 songs
  • MP3 database management function of up to 5000 Music Titles!
  • Record to MP3 function for direct recording in MP3 format!
  • Advanced mixer with up to 51 additional line In effects that can be combined just like a studio music production system and high-end audio mixer!
  • For the first time, full editing of sounds, styles, MIDI data, drum sets and other elements are without limits! access all effects, parameters of the OpenArt-System!
  • Customizable design for all page layouts, the free function of mapping for the Sonic!
  • Controls, context-sensitive, Adaptive operating concept (E.g. direct insertion of help text for each control function) and more!
  • Internal Speaker System (2 x 30-watt tweeters and 2 x 80-watt bass / mid speakers.
  • Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth: 1230 x 1020 x 1040 mm
Specifications subject to change without notice.