Organ Features & Specs


Wersi Organ Features in Brief

  • Windows 10 operating system with the latest quad-core processing and huge RAM for speedy performance.
  • There are few other circuit boards limiting service repairs.
  • You have full internet compatibility so you can search the web, YouTube, emails etc. all the features of a normal Windows 10 operating system.
  • Dual screen connectivity .i.e Connect a second screen to display your sheet music.
  • Just like your home computer the organs have Wifi connect ability so in the unlikely event of a software problem the Wersi technical department can access your organ from Germany to correct any operational software errors.
  • 6”or 13.4” high-resolution touch screen, depending which model.
  • Models available in black white or colours of your choice.
  • Models available with internal speakers or separate tower speakers.
  • 61 note upper manual 76 note lower manual.
  • Models available with 17 note or 26 note optional pedal boards
  • Wersi Organs are not like the Yamaha, Kong or old Technics models that get replaced with a new model every 2-3 years. The previous Wersi OAS range ran for 13 years with new operating system upgrade kits available for these older models. So if you choose to upgrade in the future you do not need to replace you complete organ.
  • Wersi Features unlimited polyphony.
  • 1500 Factory sounds, 1500 optional factory sounds plus 1500 user sounds up to 64 layers.
  • 450 Wersi factory styles.
  • Yamaha PSR series keyboard styles can be downloaded and saved in the instrument.
  • Auto accompaniment rhythms with 4 variations, 3 intros and endings and rhythm breaks.
  • The software is still work in progress with free updates being available for the next 12 or so months, providing more features, improvements and further developments.
  • On screen display for .tiff sheet music that can be linked to your song. Select the song and the sheet music is loaded to the touch screen.
  • You have a choice of 17 or 25 key pedal boards.


External Connections:

  1. MicrophoneXLR Input: The microphone input allows you to connect either 1/4 Audo Jack or an XLR Female microphone with phantom Power.
  2. AudioInput:  A stereo Input (Left & Right) with combined 1/4 audio Jack or XLR female connections.
  3. MIDIOver USB  A standard USB MIDI connection for connecting to a computer/DAW.
  4. MIDI1  Standard MIDI In / Thru / Out MIDI 2  Standard MIDI In / Thru / Out Connections.
  5. Output1  Standard Left and Right Audio Outputs (1/4 Audio Jack).
    Output 2  Standard Left and Right Audio Outputs (1/4 Audio Jack


Operational Features:

  • Intuitive friendly and easy to use, touch screen operation and features.
  • The left-hand drawbars control the volume of individual instrument parts: registrations, rhythm, base, pedals, accompaniment etc. Allowing easy volume adjustments to each section on the fly.
  • The right-hand drawbars are for the organ footage volume adjustments.
  • Any voice can be assigned to the upper or lower manuals or pedal board.
  • This is more than just an organ it is a music works station.
  • Easy play or professional play modes:
  • Easy play restricts access to all features, keeping things basic and simple allowing only up to 3 voices to be assigned to each of the upper and lower manuals and 1 voice for the pedals. Trust me you will not stay in this mode for very long!
  • Professional mode allows up to 8 voices to be assigned to each of the upper and lower keyboards and 4 voices to pedals. In addition it gives access to more instruments and to the work station features.
  • Each keyboard allows for assigning multiple or overlapping split points, which can keep registration changes to a minimum, just play up or down each keyboard for your combined ensembles or solo instruments.


  • All style accompaniment instruments can be changed and saved with any alternative instrument: i.e A rhythm may have strumming guitar accompaniment, this can be changed to strings, brass or any different instrument of your choice
  • Importing of VST sounds can be loaded into the instrument.
  • Apart from the vast range of instrument registrations there is also a large range of analog synthesiser sounds
  • The rhythm section features many live drums rhythms and accompaniments.
  • Each rhythm section has four styles, three intros and endings and drum brakes.
  • On screen display for sheet music.jpg files, that can be linked to the tunes you play. So select your preset tune registrations and your sheet music will automatically load to the touch screen, or display your sheet music on an optional second screen .


Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.