About Us

Welcome to our website; allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Ross Monk and I am semi-retired after 38 years being the Managing Director of Ross Monk Electrical & Electronics Ltd.

My company specialised in installation and servicing all types of industrial machinery, including electrical contracting, electronic servicing to component level and engineering.

During this period we were appointed the Wellington regional service agents for Technics organs and keyboards of which I personally carried out the service repairs to these instruments.

The company was sold in December 2011 and is still trading today under the above company name.

Hence I can provide backup service support for the Wersi range of instruments.

I have a had passion with electronic organs and keyboards since the organ boom hit New Zealand in the early 1970’s and have had almost every brand of organ available in our country.

These included various models of Lowrey, Farfisa, Hammond, Yamaha and Technics organs.

I also currently own a Yamaha Tyros 5 of which I was one of the early pioneers to midi connect the keyboard to a second lower manual, base pedals with swell pedal, foot switches and a sustain pedal.

This organ is now housed in a professionally built rimu cabinet.

I started out in this venture with a Tyros 2 and progressed up to the latest Tyros models as they have become available. Remarkably to date all models were the same dimension fitting straight into the cabinet.


I have always been extremely passionate with Wersi organs during this time. Many years ago they produced the organs in kitset form which was right up my alley, but committed to my business providing a 24 hour 7 day service along with my other hobbies, earlier import restrictions and licensing issues, I unfortunately did not see this as being a feasible option for me at the time.
Consequently I have drooled over the various models ever since.

After retirement I finally got to Germany to see these amazing instruments in the flesh and was so blown away I negotiated for the sole New Zealand Wersi distributorship.

Being a technician, these organs are impeccably constructed; the Windows 10 operating system and electronics are all high grade components with German precision. During my years in business we worked on many different manufacturers machinery and the German equipment was always the Rolls Royce, being well built with precision.

This instrument is more than an organ, it is a workstation.

The instruments tonal sound quality has to be heard to be believed; No other organ comes close!

The large touch screen and operating system is simple and intuitive to use that allows up to 8 voices to be loaded to each of the upper and lower manuals and up to 4 voices to the pedals.

Any voice can be loaded to either keyboard or the pedals.

Each keyboard allows for assigning multiple or overlapping split points, which can keep registration changes to a minimum, just play up or down each keyboard for your combined ensembles or solo instruments.

For a detailed list of features please refer to the Wersi organ features under organs at the top.

For further information or to arrange an obligation free demonstration you are most welcome to contact me.



Ross Monk

Managing Director / Technician